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This is something i can finally release. If you know the Supremes then you know who Mary Wilson is of the Supremes. I am honored to have played keyboards on Mary's songs after her passing. I want to thank Paul Brewer for this amazing opportunity, which is such an historic honor. More to come about the songs and release. And thank you JP for connecting me to Paul.

It’s coming soon ! Mary Wilson

and Sweet Feet Music

Can’t wait to get mixing with JCK Music / John Keenan

Peter Gallinari

Thank you to the 'Josie Music Awards' for this recognition and award!!  It was an honor to be a part of this event at the 'Grand Ole Orpy'.  
Dedicated to the Ukraine. My song "The Journey".

I reworked this song and rebranded as "Ukraine" The Cries - The Journey. This situation is so real and so horrible.
The Journey (New Mix2022)
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